Let’s talk about South African Forests.

South Africa is blessed with millions of hectares of lush green lands and forests that complement the diverse ecosystem our country is home to. There are several forests in South Africa, each of which play a crucial role in maintaining the health of our country’s natural environment. In this blog, we’re going to talk about … Read more

Which country has the largest forest in Africa?

Largest Forest In Africa, Africa's largest forest

Africa is home to some of the lush forests in the world, with 22% of the continent covered in forests and woodlands. Even though only a small percentage of these tree-dominated landscapes are protected, these diverse ecological environments are essential for many regions on the continent because of the roles they play in providing locals … Read more

What are the fastest growing privacy trees?

Fastest Growing Privacy Trees, Privacy Tree, Moving Trees

What is the point of having a lush green yard if a big ugly fence is going to ruin the aesthetics you’ve worked so hard to achieve? This is something that many homeowners around the world struggle with, something that no longer needs to be an issue thanks to privacy trees. Now the question becomes: … Read more

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