3 Of the best native trees to plant in Cape Town

Cape Town is a coastal town found in the Western Cape of South Africa. The city is thriving with natural beauty from its mountain range, to its ocean, to its native flora and fauna. The flora, specifically the trees, in Cape Town have become accustomed to the often-harsh conditions of the Cape, including the strong winds, clay and loam soils, unpredictable rainfall and more. There are many native trees that you could plant in Cape Town, but here are a few of the best:

Cape Ash

The Cape Ash is a very large tree species that is native to South Africa. These trees can quickly reach heights of 12 metres in a suitable environment, and they have a dense crown that can be used as a great canopy for shade. These trees are not suitable for gardens, due to their size; however, they are a great native tree to plant on commercial properties and in public areas in Cape Town. They can grow in various soil types such as clay and acid sand, and their roots are not aggressive, which makes them a good tree to plant near roads or paving.


False Olive

The False Olive is a native tree that is suitable to be planted in Cape Town. The false olive is another fast-growing tree, reaching heights of up to 4 metres over a few years – not too tall to be a garden tree. These trees thrive in acid and clay sand, making them ideal for the Cape soil. They also produce beautiful flowers in the springtime that attract butterflies.



This beautiful native tree grows between the size of a False Olive and a Cape Ash, reaching a maximum height of 8 metres. The Cheesewood is an evergreen, giving you luscious green leaves all year round and providing gorgeous glowing yellow berries during the autumn months that will attract a wide range of native bird species. These trees are also suitable to all forms of the Cape Town soil as well as the Cape rainfall patterns as it can endure dry spells but thrives well with reasonable amounts of water.


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