All you need to know about wood chippers

Owning a home is everybody’s dream. You have a beautiful house, a nice car, a loving family, and a debris-covered yard. Oh yes, you read that correctly! Part of owning that beautiful house is having to do yard work and that’s something that many people dread.

If you have to do this work by yourself, you’re probably well aware of how much work it is to clean up the yard and collect the yard debris is those paper bags for the trash company to collect. What if there was a way that you could do the yard work and get rid of the debris, and create nice mulch for your gardens and walkway, instead of buying the expensive mulch from a garden store?

You can with a wood chipper.

You may think that a wood chipper at a residential home is something out of a movie, but it has a much more practical use! You can utilize it to chip up wood. Who would have thought? When you have a branch chipper, you can make quick work of your yard work without worrying about having to pack the debris up in bags.

Why do you need a wood chipper?

In the past, you used to be able to simply burn off any yard debris in your own backyard. Today, most people will line their curbs with bags filled with garden debris for the garbage man to collect. However, in some places, you can’t do that because it is illegal. What happens to the leaves, pruning debris and fallen branches in your garden?
That’s where a wood chipper, leaf shredder, or even a tree grinder comes in handy. These tools are ideal for turning that pile of leaves, the left over clippings from your forsythia bushes, the pruned hedge clippings into a nutrient rich fertilizer or mulch for your flower bed.

A wood chipper is a large power tool that you use outside to greatly reduce the amount of debris you have in your yard and make disposal much easier. These are useful for gardeners and landscapers who live in an area where it is illegal for companies to collect the waste or to open burn the waste. The chips that are produced can be used for walkways, put in your flower beds or use as a compost.


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