Are you able to move endangered trees?

The list of endangered trees is growing rapidly, with over 70 tree species already extinct. For those that are still in existence, extra precaution needs to be taken in every way to ensure the survival and reproduction of these trees. One question that many people ask is whether these trees can be moved. Read about the relocation of endangered trees:

Moving endangered trees

For the most part, the movement of endangered trees is not suggested. If they have become accustomed to their environment, or they are in their natural habitat, the risk of moving them is far too great. If these trees are thriving in their current location it means that their roots and other elements have adapted to be able to live in this soil and climate. Trying to move the tree could mean that the tree will struggle to adapt to its new location, making it vulnerable and increasing its chance of dying. On the other hand, if the tree has been planted in a location that is not suitable for its needs, the tree should be moved to an area that will allow it to thrive. In these instances, the relocating of these trees should be conducted by professionals. The tree moving process is very complex and there are a few risks involved if it is not conducted correctly.


Why these trees need to be protected

Trees play a very large role in every ecosystem across the globe. They have very big roles in these systems, maintaining the water levels in the soil and providing shelter for other animals. As the trees start to diminish, so do other species that help the ecosystem to thrive, causing a spiral effect. Not only are these trees needed for animals and other species to survive, but they are also needed for us to survive. We need to protect our trees at all time, even those that are not endangered.


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