Sustainable harvesting: a short guide into environmental preservation

Sustainable development is a strategy used by foresters that provides them with a constant supply of wood throughout their target landscape without affecting future timber yields. Sustainable harvesting has been praised over the years as one of the best harvesting methods, and for good reason.

This method of harvesting is kind to the environment while allowing foresters to do their jobs efficiently. Using this method, professionals emulate natural disturbances such as natural deforesting (when trees die out and make way for new trees) in which they cut weaker and older trees in a specific way that allows the growth of fresh vegetation.

With this sustainable harvesting method, trees are allowed to grow back with more space and light, improving future timber and aesthetic values – three birds with one stone! Let’s take a look at why sustainable harvesting is so important and effective.


The importance of sustainable harvesting

Sustainable harvesting is a big booster for economic sustainability; by preserving the environment, even when destroying it, foresters are able to harvest the trees need for several things while keeping the harvested ecosystem safe and undamaged. 

Foresters are mostly trained to manage woodlands in a way that favours the specific habitats they’re harvested in as well as the species that occupy them. There are several programmes, guidelines and best management practices that support sustainable harvesting and management, many of which advocate the proper planning for forest health, soil, and water (among others) before harvesting or maintaining.


The bottom line?

As time passes on, we cannot afford to sacrifice the preservation of our forests for the sake of progress. Here at Moving Trees, we are avid advocates of tree care and environmental preservation. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we don’t bite!

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