The Art of a growing world

After walking through a forest, have you ever wished that you could capture and feature the majestic beauty of these large trees in your home environment? Amazingly, through the use of carefully executed transplanting techniques, fully grown trees of almost any specie or size can be successfully integrated into the residential or commercial landscape.
While choosing a suitable location for your new transplant, its survival, the future health, beauty and utility of the tree is also greatly influenced by how it is dug, transported, planted and maintained.

A tree typically loses up to 70% of its root system in the transplantation process. As a result, trees are diminished in their capacity to uptake the water and nutrients they need to survive. In order to minimize transplant shock, Moving Trees follows recommended these tree transplanting techniques following these guidelines for success:

Tree Care, Tree Nursery
Tree Care, Tree Nursery
Tree Planting 2

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