The benefits of planting native trees

Native trees are trees that are not introduced to a land but rather grow naturally. There are many kinds of native trees in South Africa. These trees are important to our country for many different reasons.

Easy to Grow

Native plants are in tune with the environment. Their adaption to the soil of its origin makes native plants incredibly easy to grow. Many people are not fond of gardening and want to be able to have a beautiful back yard without the constant maintenance. Native plants are perfect for this as their growth is natural and does not require unhealthy pesticides or excessive water to keep them in good condition.

Water Saving

Native Plants grow well in the country of their origin as they have adapted to the climate. This means that they require less water because they are used to the rainfall. By including native plants in your garden, you will end up using less water which, in turn, will ensure that you are not spending unnecessary amounts on your water bill for the upkeep of your garden.


Certain trees are known to attract different species of wildlife. Native trees bring specific local wildlife. Indigenous trees are foreign to the wildlife that we would like to attract. The general wildlife would avoid these trees as they are unknown and unwelcome. Planting native trees welcomes certain wildlife onto your property. Native trees are great for providing shelter and giving many species of birds a place to create a home.

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