Transporting Trees from the nursery to your home

Considering the bigger picture of the universe and our place in it, we are lucky to be living in an era that has blessed us with a planet which caters to all of our needs. From the millions of biological species that inhabit the earth to the trees and plants that give us life, we’ve got everything going for us right now.

Speaking of the latter, trees provide most living creatures with an abundance of resources that we need to survive. Besides the fresh oxygen they spew out every split second, trees are also powerhouse when it comes to the preservation of our environment.

Here at Moving Trees, we live to spread life to as many homes and biodiverse environments as possible. To accomplish this, we out a lot of effort in our tree care and transplanting services. Carry on reading if you’d like to learn more about what we do and why you should consider browsing the trees we’ve nurtured in our nursery


Why invest in transplanted trees?

While planting native trees has its benefits, many people just don’t have the patience to wait for a tree to blossom and complement their properties – enter the art of tree transplanting

By allowing you to quickly and efficiently plant mature trees (or saplings if you so wish) in your yard, you can save yourself a whole lot of time and sooner realise your vision for your property’s aesthetics and appeal. Click here to learn more.

Tree transplants can also help keep your yard fresh and healthy by stabilising your soil and nurturing a robust ecosystem of mesmerising fauna. We’ve been in the game for a very long time, which means it’s fair to assume that we know of what we speak. Don’t take our word for it though, check out the magic we’ve made for previous clients!


From the Tree Nursery to your home

Transplanting a tree isn’t a complicated process at all, but it does require good attention to detail and a gentle touch. Trees lose up to 70% of their roots in the transplanting process, an unfortunate sacrifice that impacts their ability to absorb enough water and nutrients in their new environments. 

To prevent tree shock, we use the utmost care and compassion when transplanting our trees by following a thorough set of guidelines. After choosing the right location for the tree, these are a few of the things we do to ensure a successful transplant:

  1. We begin by checking whether a tree can be transplanted or not. Some trees can be transported more successfully than others depending on their species, size and health. This first step is crucial to ensure that we transplant the tree the right way.
  2. Next, we make sure that the rootball is big (or small) enough to survive in its new environment.
  3. Preparing mature trees for transplant is one of the most important steps in the process. One of the ways we do this is by pruning the roots of trees that aren’t grown in our nursery. We do this at least a year prior to transplanting because trees that aren’t nursery grown tend to have asymmetrical roots that grow with the irregularities of their environment.
  4. We take extreme care to prevent root death by keeping them moist throughout the entire process.
  5. For the transportation phase of the transplant, we consider the logistics of the move to plot out the best route possible, one free of pesky powerlines and other obstacles.
  6. When comes time for the tree to be transplanted into its new environment, there are several things that need to considered such as soil quality, depth, and drainage. Once we know what we need to do and how to do it, the rest is his-tree.


If you’d like to learn more about our transplanting process from the tree nursery to your home, the answers you seek are just a click away. Otherwise, if you’d like to hire us to move a tree for you, don’t be shy to get in touch!

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