What are the fastest growing privacy trees?

What is the point of having a lush green yard if a big ugly fence is going to ruin the aesthetics you’ve worked so hard to achieve? This is something that many homeowners around the world struggle with, something that no longer needs to be an issue thanks to privacy trees. Now the question becomes: “what exactly are privacy trees and which ones should I invest in?” Stick around for a few more minutes while we try to help you answer those questions.


What are privacy trees?

Privacy trees are basically trees that serve to knock down two birds with one stone. These trees serve as both complements to your yard as well as privacy screens to prevent onlookers from seeing everything you have going on in your backyard. 

They’re mostly lush trees, dense leaves that accomplish what any high-rise wall would in the way of privacy; let’s take a look at the fastest growing privacy trees you can invest in. If none of these trees float your boat, or you just don’t fancy waiting for them grow in your yard, get in touch with us and we’ll happily sort you out!


Which kinds of privacy trees are the fastest to grow?

  • Eastern white pine: These are tall evergreen trees that have greenish-blue needles and can increase their height by more than three feet annually.
  • Hybrid poplar: These are shade trees that have silvery-green leaves that can grow an astounding eight foot annually.
  • Silver maple: These large shade trees have shimmery silver leaves and timber that can grow about two feet every year.
  • Green giant arborvitae: This is a pyramid-shaped evergreen tree with lush green needles and can grow three feet every year.
  • Dawn redwood: These are low-maintenance shade trees that are great for large landscapes and can grow by up to two feet annually.
  • Leyland cypress: This is a slender evergreen that can grow up to four feet annually.
  • Areca palm: These are tropical palms that grow about two feet a year and can top out to around 35 feet tall at their maturity.


All in all, the Hybrid popular trees take the cup when it comes to growth speed with their 5-8-feet-per-year growth tendencies. If you’d like to get your hands on a Hybrid popular, or any other privacy tree that you fancy, get in touch with us today and we’ll do our best to satisfy your needs.

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