Uproot a tree

Moving Trees has a unique way of ensuring trees are transported with the necessary equipment and guidelines for optimal success and growth. Trees spread their roots deep and wide, and the process of uprooting can break a number of the roots. New transplants of trees may be more susceptible to suffering from stressors such as a change in temperature, water absorption rates and varying levels of soil. Something to consider when uprooting and replanting a tree is that there is a possibility of the tree suffering from transplant shock. This can involve a number of factors where the tree or plant becomes poorly established in the landscape. Leaf scorch is a common symptom of transplant shock. The first thing that would happen is the appearance of a yellowing or bronzing of tissue between the margins of leaves. The other symptoms would include wilting leaves or lead rolling. A tree can definitely be uprooted and replanted, provided that the correct conditions and processes are followed. When replanting the tree, it would be important to remove twine, ropes or wires from the trunk to prevent strangulation of the tree as it grows. The soil type and amount of rainfall will determine the frequency and amount of water needed. Consider the amount of plant materials that are required for the intended geographic area and select the best conditions and temperatures for the trees to grow. Contact Moving Trees for transplanting Tree Projects and more!