How do trees help mitigate climate change

climate change

Mitigate climate change Moving Trees has a core service offering of supplying and delivering tree mulch, sourcing a versatile range of trees and hiring out trucks to streamline the process of tree planting and conservation. Our world is experiencing significant changes from an environmental perspective. We need to take every effort to conserve the beauty … Read more

How do you successfully transplant a tree?

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Transplant a tree Moving Trees are industry specialists and niche service providers of Tree Transportation & Tree Care Projects. We are experienced in transporting and planting containerised trees, planting a historical lane of trees that have been harvested and implementing best practices for transplanting trees to various locations with different environmental components. The process of … Read more

How do trees transport water upwards without breaking conservation of energy?


Tree conservation of energy Moving Trees is passionate about delivering incredible Tree Moving & Tree Care projects in a versatile range of environments and locations. In this article, we will be discussing the process of how water is transported upwards without breaking conservation of energy. Water is the most important factor to plant growth and … Read more

Can you uproot a tree and replant it?

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Uproot a tree Moving Trees has a unique way of ensuring trees are transported with the necessary equipment and guidelines for optimal success and growth. Trees spread their roots deep and wide, and the process of uprooting can break a number of the roots. New transplants of trees may be more susceptible to suffering from … Read more

How do you decide where to plant trees and what trees to plant?

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Plant trees Moving Trees has extensive experience in Tree Care & Tree Projects. We are intrigued by the beauty of trees and passionate about delivering exceptional tree projects for a variety of contexts and environmental contexts. Choosing the right planting site and the type of tree would influence the growth, soil production and shade or … Read more

How does climate change factor into tree planting?

climate change

Climate change Moving Trees is a formidable organisation that seeks to create sustainable value through unique garden maintenance and tree care processes. We are passionate about reducing climate change, preventing pollution and providing renewable energy sources. In this article, we will be discussing how climate changes factor into tree planting. To begin with, it would … Read more

Which country has the most trees in the world?

Largest Tree In South Africa | Oldest Tree In South Africa | South African Trees | Moving Trees

Which Country Has The Most Trees In The World Forests are the lungs of the planet that mankind has called home for thousands of years. They have existed longer than our species has been around, and will hopefully continue to exist long after mankind takes off for the stars. As an appreciation for the fauna … Read more

Effects of mechanical damage to trees

Largest Tree In South Africa | Oldest Tree In South Africa | South African Trees | Moving Trees

Effects Of Mechanical Damage To Trees Human beings are the biggest pests when it comes to tree health, no matter which part of the world you’re in. Whether it be through something as direct and indecent as deforestation or climate change, or something as simple as vandalism or mechanical damage, there’s no hiding the fact … Read more

Let’s talk about South African Forests.

Lets Talk About South African Forest South Africa is blessed with millions of hectares of lush green lands and forests that complement the diverse ecosystem our country is home to. There are several forests in South Africa, each of which play a crucial role in maintaining the health of our country’s natural environment. In this … Read more