Climate change

Moving Trees is a formidable organisation that seeks to create sustainable value through unique garden maintenance and tree care processes. We are passionate about reducing climate change, preventing pollution and providing renewable energy sources. In this article, we will be discussing how climate changes factor into tree planting. To begin with, it would be important to understand how climate change affects the entire ecosystem and the domino effect it has when planting trees. Trees are one of the foundational components to everyday life. They offer cooling shade, block cold winter winds and purify our air. In addition, trees attract birds and wildlife which ultimately contributes to the larger ecosystem. However, climate change is aggressively changing our seasons, fauna and flora which need to be mitigated. Seasonal changes and changes in temperature could play a role when planting trees. An illustrative example of this is planting trees during a combination of cooler temperatures and rain to allow the trees to establish their roots, which would allow the trees to adjust to extreme heat or drought during summer months or gale force winds during winter. Carbon dioxide emissions are the main contributors to global warming. An interesting factor to consider is that due to the increase in concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the photosynthetic activity of trees. Planting more trees can mitigate climate change and the risks associated with it. However, if trees are planted incorrectly or ignoring the first few years of growth can negatively impact the environment and atmospheric levels through carbon dioxide emissions with more fires that could potentially spread. The process of tree planting would require optimal conditions for the trees to flourish in. As more trees continue to grow, the carbon dioxide is removed from the air and releases oxygen into the atmosphere. Contact Moving Trees for more information.