Mitigate climate change

Moving Trees has a core service offering of supplying and delivering tree mulch, sourcing a versatile range of trees and hiring out trucks to streamline the process of tree planting and conservation. Our world is experiencing significant changes from an environmental perspective. We need to take every effort to conserve the beauty of our environment while mitigating the extreme effects of climate change. In this article, we will be identifying how trees could help mitigate climate change. According to statistics, there is an expectation that planting trees will capture and store carbon dioxide and help prevent warming up the atmosphere. Reforestation efforts can help tackle climate change through a sustained effort by increasing production in nurseries, botanical gardens and forests. Small scale planting of trees in residential areas could also contribute to the overall mission of reducing the effects of climate change. Complex technological advancements are being explored to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; but there could be a simpler solution and one of our most powerful weapons in the fight against climate change: Trees! The process of photosynthesis is how trees capture and store carbon. Photosynthesis is the biochemical reaction through which trees make their food to live and grow. This takes raw ingredients of water and carbon dioxide and uses light energy from the sun to make glucose and oxygen. Trees do more than just absorb harmful carbon elements; they also help with preventing flooding, reducing city temperatures, reducing pollution and keeping the soil nutrient-rich for agricultural purposes. By extending natural habitats with an abundance of trees, biodiversity is significantly increased and can contribute to the ecosystem. Look no further than Moving Trees for all your Tree Transportation and Tree Care Projects.