Plant trees

Moving Trees has extensive experience in Tree Care & Tree Projects. We are intrigued by the beauty of trees and passionate about delivering exceptional tree projects for a variety of contexts and environmental contexts. Choosing the right planting site and the type of tree would influence the growth, soil production and shade or wind distribution. Depending on the use and requirements of the tree, here are some interesting factors to consider on where to best plant trees:
  1. Large trees should be planted at least 7 meters from building structures
  2. Evergreens can be planted on the north and west side of a structure such as a home or office for wind protection.
  3. Shade trees work best on the south or southwest sides for energy conservation and absorbing the right amount of sunshine.
  4. Effective drainage holes would also need to be considered.
  5. The soil production, sunlight exposure and water absorption should have optimal conditions for the tree to flourish
Deciding on what trees to plant would again depend on the preference of the individual homeowner, construction project and environmental considerations whilst ensuring that the trees can survive throughout most of the seasons. Some of the best trees to plant that are low maintenance for backyards and landscaping requirements includes a dogwood tree which features a lush and compact canopy of foliage. Sugar maple trees create a vibrant sow during the autumn months. Additional trees to plant in small South African gardens include favourites such as:
  1. Lavender trees
  2. Wild peach trees
  3. False olive trees
  4. Pompon trees
  5. White pear trees
  6. Cheesewood trees
  7. Wild pear trees
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