Harvesting and Transplanting of Trees

When you realize that a large shrub or tree was planted in the wrong spot in your landscape what would you do? Are you experiencing one of those “oops!” moments when you realize that a large tree was planted in the wrong spot in your garden? The best way to avoid these moments is obviously to plan from the start. Before planting anything, we recommend that you try to visualize your landscape and install plants that suit your future needs. Like, how big will that small tree or shrub you just brought home from the garden centre get when it reaches maturity? Sometimes, no matter how carefully you plan, a large tree or shrub needs to be removed from its current location. Fortunately, there are professionals you can hire with the equipment and knowledge of transplanting trees to do the job. Transplanting Before moving the plant, prepare and dig the hole for the plant in its new location. Also soak the root ball of the plant before moving so that the soil remains together during the digging process. Carefully dig the soil away from the root ball, and then the whole ball in untreated natural burlap. Be very careful not to use synthetic because it will not rot away and will eventually restrict the growth of the roots. Lash the burlap together securely to hold the roots firmly in place. You can do this by using a large upholstery needle and untreated natural twine to stitch the burlap tightly around the root ball. Carefully move the plant using a cart a rented ball cart, burlap or cardboard. The goal is to keep the root ball intact. If the soil ball breaks, it will break the roots inside and may lead to the death of the plant. Ensure the plant is set at the same depth in the new hole and fill in around the root ball with topsoil.   To learn more about how we can move your trees do get in touch!