How to plant a mature tree

Getting a tree to survive after moving it can be quite a difficult task. The trick in getting these trees to flourish, especially a mature tree, is to make sure that the planting process is done perfectly. Spend time making sure the hole where the tree is going to be planted is in an appropriate area and that it is the right width and depth. Below are a few steps to follow when planting a mature tree:


  1. Prepare the hole

Dig a hole that is as deep as the soil ball of the tree and twice as wide. The depth of the hole needs to be equal to that of the root ball so that the mature tree does not sink once you plant it. The loose soil that is found on the side of the hole will help the tree establish its roots once planted.


  1. Remove the bag

When the mature tree is taken from its original location, a burlap sack is placed around the soil ball to keep the roots intact. When it reaches the location where the mature tree will be planted, the sack can be removed.


  1. Plant the tree

This step requires a large amount of care. The mature tree needs to be lowered into the hole slowly and the hole must be refilled with soil so that the tree is stable. Do not place any extra soil around the trunk of the tree.


  1. Water the soil

The final step is to water the soil around the tree. It is important that you give the tree enough water so that the soil will settle around the tree. The tree will need to be watered consistently for the next few days as it will not be able to take water through its leaves.


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