What is The Process Behind Moving A Large Tree?

Moving a large tree is a difficult and complex process that takes time and patience. Sometimes moving a large tree is required because it has been placed in an inappropriate area and is taking up too much space. Here’s how you move a large tree:   Root Pruning Before you can even think about moving a large tree, you need to start root pruning. This procedure needs to be done six months before the tree is moved. The reason for root pruning is so that new roots start growing in the area closer to the tree before it is moved. The process of root pruning involves digging a trench, using a sharp spade to cut the roots, refilling the trench and watering around it.   Moving the Tree Six months after root pruning, you will be able to start moving the large tree. To begin, tie the bottom branches of the tree so that they are not harmed in the process. Dig a trench slightly larger than the trench dug for root pruning. Dig down and then cut at a 45° angle, this creates what is called the ‘soil ball’. The soil ball can then be removed by a crane or skid steer and a burlap sack must be wrapped around the ball in order to move it to its new location. The hole in the new location should be as deep as the root ball and 50 to 100 percent wider. After the large tree has been placed in its new home, the hole should be filled with soil and given a decent amount of water.   To learn more about how we can move your trees do get in touch!